Friday, November 27, 2009

well hell fire

I saw pictures of myself from a couple of years ago - back when I was running 3 miles a day. The arms, the legs, the shoulders. It was great.
And then, much to my own dismay, I compared these pictures with pictures from just recently - right before I started running three times a week.
The arms. The arms was the big disappointment.
Big being the keyword here.
oh despair.

I have three choices here:
1.) running more
2.) photoshop
3.) throwing myself off of the nearest precipice.

this is not me being over-dramatic at all.

I am off to Frankfurt to go and see....all of the nothing there is to see there.
I shall update you, dear readers, on this nothingness later.

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Emma Dot Com said...


I have the same "oh, shit" thoughts with pictures of my arms--and thighs, for that matter--from years (let's call them decades?) past. I weigh more, yes, but not notably more.

My mom used to always lament on how society doesn't revere the wrinkles or rolls on a woman's body as emblematic of the stories of her life, what she's been through. I thought that was romantic until I--ME!!!--had lines.

So don[t throw yourself off anything. We're in the same boat, and I'm sure it's not as bad as we imagine. Pour gravity--and yourself--another glass of wine ;)

Love you, lady pants.