Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Music, Theatre, English

So here's the long, short, skinny, well-rounded and really ugly part of it all, folks.

All I do is work.

There are days where it is in at 08:00 and out at 22:00 and those days occur more often than not if we're being honest here.
And if anyone makes fun of my use of the 24-hour clock, it's their head and their mother's best china so help me hannah because it is what I am used to.
So my. bad.

This could be one of those whiny "oh but I never poooooooost and you guys probably haaaaate me and omg does anyone even reeeeeeeead this thing anymore?" posts and then I could announce that I am changing blogging communities because that seemed like it would be a good refresher but we all know that things would not get anymore interesting for anyone and no one would be hanging on my last, occuring-every-month-or-so word unless I up and turned lesbian and posted pictures.
Admit it.

Also, I have officially been made to accept that I am a bad blogger by discovering a new and shiny blog from a good friend only to realize that she had not linked my blog under her Daily Readings. Why you ask?
Well. simple really.

Whatever. I can face the truth. Not here to pose it like it AIN'T.

Here is the real deal though.
I work in a new primary school and even though eleven small people may not seem like a lot, they have me running to and fro and oh great scott! don't forget the theatre piece for this christmas! and have you choreographed that dance yet! and don't even talk to me about the dance when I'm still working on the ever-loving music! and everyone and their brother now wants private piano lessons! and heaven help it we're going to be late coming back from swimming again! and we need 500 cookies in two weeks from now!

Obviously all of the above mumbo-jumbo means nothing to you other fellow members of the working-class society.
but to me. TO ME.
well to me it's my job and it takes up all my time and I would love to post about it right now but I just can't because it is late again.
and in my free time? I watch House aka. Hugh Laurie aka. only the greatest legend on the face of this green earth.

So this is actually a post about my job.
In case reading between the lines is not a God-given talent, I love this job. It's amazing to be doing something that is new to me, new to Berlin, new to my colleagues, new to Germany...
Because as a new school with a new method of teaching (came out of Vienna) this is all starting from the ground up.
Which would then, in turn, probably explain the hitting that same ground running mentality that I hope is being accurately conveyed here.

There are, naturally, other important things to mention:
That being namely that,
a.)my apartment is colder than the exact opposite of You Know Where and that I am currently wearing pajama pants, a night top, a wool sweater, a scarf, and footies just to sit here and write this in bed.
b.)Also there is the fact that I have become a cooking fiend (FIEND I TELL YOU) and when I am not at work or, well, doing anything else that I might be doing? I am cooking.
Rephrase-age: If I am at home, I am cooking.
c.)I have also changed rooms in the apartment so I am now living in a room that is three times the size of the original closet in which I was residing.
Not kidding. three times.
d.) Going to the gym in this weather is a chore but I still love it. Saunas keep me going. and going and going. and going.
e.) I hate the trains. I love my bike.
f.) please send me a blanket, this cold is ridiculous and a bit out of control.

I shall try to post more.
In the meantime, all my love.


The Sequin Cat said...

Aww hope you cope with the icy weather ok!

Big love

-bio-olga said...

Nice to hear from you again!
If you like sauna, you should come to estonia for a visit!