Thursday, December 18, 2008


I have been sick as a dog these past few days. 

And then went and looked that term up because I felt like I've been using it since God was a boy and had no idea from whence it may have come.
One source said that the phrase dated back to 1705 and had something to do with dogs being connected to things miserable and undesirable.


Another website claimed that since dogs eat "everything" that they often get sick and another site, along those same lines, claimed that the someone who is as sick as a dog throws up "violently."


On another completely different note.
The YouTube video is just some collection of pictures of her - which is kind of lame - but I'm absolutely in love with this song. 
Colour me girly but I still love Cyndi Lauper and am really impressed with her ability to still be a real classy dame. 

and in order to demonstrate how Attention Deficit one can be when they are sick, I shall completely change the subject yet AGAIN and copy down a conversation here I had with SarahThe just the other day:

me: harumph
SarahThe: harumph is the best onomatopoeia ever.
me: agreed. Just rough that I have to look up the spelling of onomatopoeia every time I want to write it because I never can remember how to spell it.
SarahThe: spell-check helped me out this time.
SarahThe: this is how it should be spelled: onomotopeea 
me: exactly. nothing phonetic about it all. I wonder if there is someone one can complain to.
SarahThe: looking up miriam's number right now.
me: It's Merriam. And I have him under Webster in my Rolodex.
SarahThe: IRONY.
me: Absolutely. We should tell miriam/merryam/merriam or whateverthehellhisnameis, that words should be spelled phonetically.
SarahThe: we could draw up a petishon.
me: we shud. 

love love,

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Love, Life, Julie said...

I didn't know you had Blogger! I love it. And I love you. And I wish you were around this Christmas. But I guess I'll live. And don't you love all these inappropriately placed periods. Bleh.
I hope you're feeling up to 100% now.