Thursday, January 14, 2010

If You Have Not Seen Band Of Brothers, The First Paragraph Will Mean Nothing To You. Muh Bad.

I nearly thought I was going to lose my feet today when we headed outside to go sledding with the class.
I just kept thinking to myself, "At least I'm not in Bastogne." I was never in Bastogne and the closest I got was a crazy night in Brussels but that is not what matters right now - what matters is that I was Not In Bastogne so I feel that Never Having Been In Bastogne gets the job done.
I was not in Bastogne.
But I was still not in Spain. And that seems to be the focus of my thoughts lately - "the HELL did I not study Spanish for?"
Because really, this cold is for the birds.

Well, I have promised someone near and dear to my bleeding heart that I would post some more pictures of my side of the world so I am doling out some of the love from some of our better moments since classes started up again.

My music class with the movie stars themselves: Glasses with different amounts of water to produce a tone when struck with a spoon. Bam. A full octave. We DO-RE-MIed the nonsense out of this project.

The Sledding Sessions: We had to traipse over snow dune after snow dune in order to get to the park where we wanted to sled. Here is the group and my colleague (the one that is not a child) who repeats everything I ever say in the English language because he 1.) does not understand it so it must actually. sound. interesting. and 2.) lives to make my life a bit more complicated.
The girl in the pink is our little tomboy. She is clearly wearing the pants in this little relationship and he is clearly okay with it. She boasts loudly about how much she has eaten, punches harder than any of the boys within a 3o km radius, uses the word "dude" more than I do, and is absolutely adored by every single unsuspecting male that comes within 2 feet of her. She's a legend in her own right.

See what I mean?!?! Don't mess with momma.
If this is not the most perfect, ruddy-faced German under a fur cap that you have seen all day, then I'll buy you two of what you're drinking.

This picture really strikes me as some kind of ad for Gap Kids.
Or Mercedes Benz.No one can ever fully understand what this structure in this specific park means to me.

you asked for it.


Rebekah said...

Beautiful kids! I love that little boy with the fuzzy hat. I want to squeeze his cheeks! Miss you so much! Love!! Becky

Emma said...

My memories of watching Band of Brothers in college involved watching it with a gay guy I had a crush on. I remember the elderly couple and the scene you're referencing, but, really, the most potent feeling that comes to mind when I think about BoB is the sheer humiliation of spending countless hours watching a war movie for naught.

Good to see the picture of you in there--you look great.