Friday, May 29, 2009

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Miss My Train

BAH! I've done it again. I've gone and ignored the things most dear to me in this world (in no necessary order): Stumbleupon, my blog, definitely your blog, my favourite webcomic, Flickr, the small-college internet radio stations that I love to listen to, and this really catchy little piece by an old friend of mine that she entitled: "Hey, Hispanic Lady!"
I'm going back and reading that in a hot minute.

But there is a reason for all of this, all of this....this enstrangement.
I, yours truly, the writer of this here blog - my dear readers - am being handed the run-around by the Berlin mass transit system.
Given the business, taken to the cleaners, has had her LUNCH. EATEN. if you will.

Title of my next book: "The Run-Around, The Business, A Trip To The Cleaners and Whatever Happened To My Lunch?"
or "My WORD I'm Late For Everything"

As a, now, bonafide expert on all matters of being schooled by a train system and, thereby, late on a nearly religious basis, I can honestly say that it's a large slice of humble pie to realize that you, YOU!! are
that girl. The "golllll-E I'm just not used to this here big city life and well shucks I guess all them big trains are kinda gettin' the best of me" girl.

But I shall prevail.
hell, I'll light myself on fire before I let some large pieces of machinery get the best of me.

Ok so leaving the dramatic aside:
- I love my job(s) and colleagues
- I get the biggest kick out of walking everywhere I go because I get to see more of the city that way,
- We're still wearing jackets and scarves over here and Mother Nature is about to get some SUMMA KINDA strongly-worded letter if you're catching my drift,
- I've really gone a bit wild about avocados lately. When something starts becoming a conversation piece for your friends, you know you've gone wild,
- I need a haircut.

In other news, I have pictures, as promised, of my lovely little apartment.
(and also because certain members of certain parties have been ever-so-gently reminding me of my obligations to the blogging world to let them alllllllllll see where I live.)

The bedroom is of course mine. Rommates don't love roommates taking pictures of roommates' rooms. And the trees are the view into the courtyard from our windows.
I think you get the idea.


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures!!!!!!! Miss you!!!!!!!
Absolutly love the shoes above the door!!!!!


Emma Dot Com said...

I am glad to read things are going so well. But wait. You have a courtyard!? I love it. It's so... adult... yet chic! And I admit: I'm jealous.

Thanks for the props, lady.