Monday, April 6, 2009

I Am Holding Half An Acre

I packed it up and shipped it out.

My life on the one side of Germany that is.
And leaving Dodge in the distance by getting the heck out of there, I made it to Berlin with a barely valid international driver's license. 
Just managed to slide right in.

So now it's the token work meetings, living out of suitcases, sorting out banking accounts and transit expenses, familiarizing oneself with the surrounding area, finding a new place to live, being persistent in all of the above. 
And waiting.
Waiting for the meeting to apply for the work visa. 
Waiting to see if the work visa will be approved.
Waiting to work.
Waiting to have the money to pay for a new place. 
Waiting to feel like I belong here.
Waiting to get over the fact that I know I am really really scared and not wanting to admit that (Dear Blogging World....)

The only way I can describe what I mean by all of this is to say that I have the thought of PLEASE DO NOT SCREW UP going through my head about 134,908,752 times per day. This thought process can be applied to myself, to any impending groundbreaking and/or trivial situation in the near future or simply to getting to the market and back. 

aka. Scared Stiff.

But in other news, I have been watching an ungodly amount of House whilst doing my best to avoid becoming a raging hypochondriac. 
I find myself reciting the long names of each disease to myself so that I can easily diagnose myself if I ever start showing symptoms of a pain in my elbow combined with loss of appetite, full-body lesions, hair loss, sensitivity to light, muscle spasms, and the belief that my mother and a large termite are trying to kill me. 

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